Shower #3

That’s Kathy, Karen, Katie, and Kristen from left to right. Now that you see how many "K" friends I have I think it’s easy to see why I call so many of them by their last names! I didn’t see the invites before the party because the theme was a surprise. It was an alphabet […]

Trees Please

My dad and I headed to his friend’s nursery this morning to check out possible trees for the ceremony and reception. Today was a beautiful day to go, sunny and bright with so many things just starting to push out little buds and flowers. The first thing that caught my eye was this fire red […]

Picture Happy

Okay once again let me say that I love our photographer. I also love Bj, rainy days, and Oregon. All of which I got to enjoy last Saturday. I am hoping against hope for this same kind of moody/rainy/windy weather for our wedding. Please don’t say I’m crazy. Straight up sunshine is not my favorite […]