Making Tuesday Look HUGE

Are these two little peanuts: Karen's beautiful twin (fraternal) girls. On the left is Kourtney, on the right Kathryn. Tuesday and I spent yesterday over there "helping out" I use that term loosely, though I did bring food. My almost, but not quite 12 pounder is such a big bright eyed baby now! I notice […]


Bj and I were discussing ways we could get into better shape, and have decided we need incentives. Bj: "Okay so how about this? You get down to 120 and you can have $X for the craft room." (I want new cabinets in here) Amber: "Ugh, 120, that's like 20 pounds." Bj: "You've weighed that […]


So original on the title, I know. So the bee situation seems to be under control. This is not what fixed it: But it does show you the horrid state of our windows. It also shows you Tuesday's new My First Baby Legs. We picked those up at Target yesterday, love them! Okay so really […]