This last weekend I had a fun craft day. Even though I didn't finish much it was nice to get the creative energy flowing. Erin was sweet and brought Tuesday some homemade applesauce. I thought I would post a little pictorial thank you:   "Mama, must you always take pictures of me?"   "That's okay […]


Tuesday loves hanging out with her buddies. We need to go on more walks with William and his mama, it's easy for me to stay in the house. Yesterday we did get out, so I snapped a picture of the kids:   This is when they were only about a month old (William is a […]

Mommy Blogger

Oh, I have been a bad blogger, and, I realized today, a bad picture taker! I decided to remedy that because (in my opinion) Tuesday just keeps getting cuter and cuter!   Unfortunately she is getting harder and harder to photograph. The little girl is a mover!   I wish I could say I've been […]