Mini love

I made a great little mini for my god-daughter, who is FOUR! Handmade gifts can be tricky for little kids I think. There are so many
toys and things out there for kids. I thought a little book she can fill
out for herself would be fun. I made a little “all about me” for my
step sister when she was younger and she loved it.


The cover uses some cardstock I had Tuesday paint, and my favorite Heidi Swapp letters, the elementary ones. If you have some you don’t want send them to me! Sometimes I hate how fast scrapbooking products rotate through. I digress…


I cut down some Paper Source envelope things so she can stick things in there.


The favorite colors page is my favorite. I want to make one for me!


I love the idea of giving her the camera to take some shots!


Because she’s so sweet 🙂


And the back:


So much fun to put this little thing together. That plus some treasure jars (that I stayed up way to late making, and thus, no pictures) and a huge stack of stickers rounded out her gift. I let Tuesday yank some stickers off the rounder at the store so she got a very unique assortment, including some celebrating Jamaica 🙂

So remember when Tuesday and I painted?


I scrapbooked that (surprised?). I spelled emerging with out an “R” so I had to pop off the letters, only they don’t pop off without breaking, so it was a bit of a disaster.


I love, love, love these pictures of my BFF Ceara. I took a ton while I was there, but was recovering from flying cross country with a toddler and I don’t think I ever posted many. Anyway it’s all about how we’re supposed to live next door to each other and stuff. Just happy to get some of these delicious baby pictures on a page.

Thanks for the front yard love. I need to get myself together to stain things in the back, but paper has been calling my name… Oh plus, did I mention that after Tuesday spent the night at my mom’s she was like, “no more diapers for me.” So I have to sprint up to her crib when I hear her wake to take her to the potty. Plus she’s only napping for like an hour at a time. See, I’m justifying here, but it really doesn’t make sense for me to get all crazy messy and dirty.

6 Replies to “Mini love”

  1. OMg I love that gift idea… thanx for the inspiration I struggle a bit with things for my nephews who have absolutely every thing ever made 🙂

  2. Love the mini! I just made Miri a mini and had to try to make something fun that she would like and not destroy!!

  3. What a great gift! Violet is a lucky girl!

  4. LOVE the Ceara page, well put!

  5. nicely done! that mini for violet is awesome. love that tuesday painted on it + picked out stickers. nice way to incorporate her into the gift!
    and those pages are fantastic! bummer that the letters are so delicate, but i can’t even tell you had trouble taking them off. and that page about ceara is so sweet, the journaling is beautiful.

  6. That mini is super cute! The color page is perfect!

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