Even more yarn… and a give away

Sciarrino and I had so much fun yesterday going to the Blue Moon sale. The only bummer was my neighbor being too sick to come, though I appreciate her not wanting to get me sick! The Socks that Rock part of my haul:
Blue Moon-20

There is so much yumminess in that basket! I think I got enough of the greens to figure out a simple sweater for myself. That is all mediumweight on the bottom, but five skeins of heavyweight on the top. Yes, it has been pointed out to me that there is lots of pink. I only really buy this yarn once a year and it could be a girl, though almost everyone swears I'm having a boy (even strangers). I also got some other types of yarn:
Blue Moon-19

Matching mama/baby sweaters? This is 2,000 yards of yarn. Or of pure goodness if you perfer. Mmmm.

And now the give-away. Blue Moon was handing out free copies of a favorite book of mine: New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One. I actually got two (I did say I got a lot of yarn!) and gave one to Tracy to help her get over her cold. And I decided that my other one should go to you! I used the book to knit the socks for grandpa and me this fall (I talk about them here, here and here). Sock knitting is really not that hard, and very zen. Plus easy to cart around project!

If you would like to win a copy of the book just leave a comment by 7pm pacific time Monday, December 8th, 2008. Good luck!

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  1. That book has been in my Amazon “cart” forvere – pick me:) hee hee! Your stash – well, you new enhancements are fab-u-lous!! I need to wander over to the on-line sale about NOW!:)

  2. I’m not a knitter yet (my Christmas present to myself is lessons next year!) but that basket of yarn is drool worthy!!! Cant wait to see what all you make with it!

  3. Me, Me, please! I always read the blog to stay in touch! Loved the green socks, and since i’m just getting into knitting, a book to show me would be awesome!

  4. The yarn looks great, looks like you got a good haul.
    I would love the book, but you might need to help me interpret it, since my knitting skills are few.

  5. Wow! What a great haul of yarn you got. Love the colors! Can’t wait t see what you make !

  6. OH PICK ME PICK ME !!!! I’ve tried my hand at knitting and find it so hard – I can crochet with the best of them (ok, maybe not the BEST), but knitting eludes me still….. I need all the help I can get !

  7. Your picture of that pile of yarn has me drooling all over myself, and I’m not even eating right now…not that I could eat the yarn, exactly, but I think you get my drift: it is yummy looking for sure! Seeing it made me have a quick vision of getting my very own sugar daddy for Christmas so that I can go on that type of spree.
    Meanwhile, I have quite a bit of sock yarn piling up in the yarn room and could really put that book to good use! In fact, I just added it to my Amazon wishlist the other day!
    A happy and safe holiday season to everyone!

  8. Oh I am so jealous! I wanted to order some BM over the internet, but the shipping costs was just way out of my reach.
    I’d love to have a copy of Cat Bordhi’s book, if you’re also willing to send it to Canada. I read her books while I was on vacation on Friday Harbor (where she lives!), but didn’t get a chance to practice any of her techniques. Anyway, Yay! Thanks for sharing (if you don’t ship to Canada). 🙂

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