My mini quilter

While I was going nutso trying to finish my monochromatic quilt Tuesday was definitely interested in what I was doing. I got out the design wall for her and let her mess around with her fabrics. For a while that appeased her, but then she wanted to “ho!” (a.k.a. sew!). As you saw in the video the other day, she has the  main functions of my machine down. So I helped her line up pieces and let her push the buttons to make the machine go, stop, and cut.

She picked out the fabrics and mostly where they would go. When she picked a piece that was too short I had her pick another and put those together first. I was trying to keep this a good shape for her doll so I encouraged her to put pieces all around the center (where we started). She didn’t always have the patience for me to square up sides before we sewed the next thing so there are some wonky bits in there. I had her pick out the binding and made that, after we quilted it together.

To quilt it I didn’t baste or anything (not necessary because it’s so small and the backing was flannel). We just started at one edge and every time she’d make it to another one I put the needle down and we just rotated the quilt. I tried to make sure most areas were covered. By this point she was having fun messing with the stitch speed so things got a little crazy.

Out of my flannel stash she chose this bug material. I wasn’t surprised since everything else was a solid or simple pattern. Who wouldn’t go for the bugs at two years old?!?! At first I wasn’t love the color combination but it’s growing on me. Right now Tuesday has it tucked around her doll in her crib. What a good little mama.

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  1. oh goodness. i can’t handle that cuteness! it’s so great your machine is push-button so she can participate in your hobbies! LOVE her and love her first quilt!

  2. I just bought a handmade piece for our nursery with that bug fabric on it. Do you know who its by or where you got it? I can’t find any info on it.

  3. Jessi,
    It’s just Jo-ann’s stuff (nursery flannel section), if you want what I have left to match nursery stuff, you’re welcome to it! We should meet up anyway, email me!

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