Car Party for a four year old (not “Cars”)

So Tuesday wanted a car party. A car party? Well she originally said she wanted her friends to bring over their tricycles and bikes, but I explained that would be hard to do in the winter. So we settled on smaller modes of transport, little cars! I didn’t really plan much until the week before because I was sure she was going to change her mind. But we sent out four invitations in the shape of cars and we were on our way!
Car party invitation
I used a basic car shape on my Silhouette, and then welded it together to make a simple card. Using the print and cut feature I made the wording and Tuesday glued it in. She loved being involved in this and picking the right color of cars for all her friends.

I kept the favors simple, a roll of road washi tape and a matchbox car. Sciarrino found these awesome tubes so we had some tunnels they could race down.
cardboard box cars
The other activity we did was make these cardboard box cars. I had random stuff out, scissors, glue, glue sticks, and a glue gun (lots of glue options needed for pre-schoolers!). They went nuts putting stuff on their boxes to make the cars. Then we raced around upstairs on the “road”:
Indoor car party road
Since I decided on everything so late I ended up with black plastic table cloth from the party store. Do yourself a favor and use black paper with yellow duct tape.

Aunt Sciarrino came dressed as a road, which we thought was awesome. Good thing she brought extra tape for us so we could be decked out too!

And whats a party with out cake? I’m not above ordering a cake from the store (was totally planning on it), but one of her friends has a severe peanut allergy so that would have been too risky. Instead we got to create this masterpiece. Jelly Belly decorations 🙂
A great low key party. Tuesday had a blast. And did I mention it was  drop off party? As in the parents dropped off the kiddos. I think that made it seem extra special and fun (and we had Bj, me, Sciarrino and Kathy so plenty of adults). I think in the future I will keep parties simple like this, following the girls’ leads. It’s their special day after all!

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  1. What a super cool party! Love every idea. Not over complicated but super awesome for the kids!nice job!

  2. That was a great idea, especially the drop off part. I love the simplicity of having it at home, kids parties have gotten crazy and expensive! I’m keeping this in mind next year for my son, invite a couple close friends and have fun at home. I love that you thought of the peanut allergy friend as well. My son has a peanut allergy and I always have to bring him a separate cupcake when we go to a party. I don’t mind, but I feel bad that he can’t share what the others are having.

  3. How sweet and simple! Although, I’m sure for Tuesday it seemed anything but simple. I especially love that one of the cars is dripping glue down the front. I think I had a car like that once, but I had forgotten to put on the lid when I added oil.

  4. Such a simple and fun party…perfect for four year olds! And I love that Tuesday was so involved. I know that made her feel very special! The invites are adorable! The cardboard box cars are awesome! The cake is so cute and looks very yummy! Great job!! Oh, and I love the family photo…you guys are really the cutest little family!
    I am planning for Charlotte’s fourth birthday party in March. She has requested that it be at home with family and three of her friends, chocolate cake and party hats…awww such fun!!

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