Another Baby!

RememberWe think maybe she’s going to be a redhead, it’s hard to tell, she doesn’t really have much hair at the moment. Anyway I spent the day hanging out with the girls, working on the (secret) bathroom, and hanging out with the Comcast guy. Now, just have to figure out how to set up the […]

An ode to my Electrician

Okay let me set up a little scenario for you. I’ve been working on Ribbon Jar all morning and have to run over to my house at two in order to meet with another guy about the waterproofing situation in the basement. I’m grumpy that everything seems to be going wrong, and leading the guy […]

The little monkies

So I spent the last five days chasing these munchkins around. They are as cute as ever, but busier, for sure. Five and almost two. Impromptu coloring! I had him color every inch of this life sized poster. Check it out here. That about sums up my week. Well that plus diapers, whole milk, swim […]