Happy Halloween!

Reid (with the spiders) and her boyfriend Eric (the vampire with his arm around Bj). I also enjoyed Martin’s ‘dot com explosion" (that would be Tex, bent over and laughing so hard at Bj, who kept playing up the part). And now I need to do some last minuet things to get V’s costume ready […]

Big (wide) Love

oh my yummy goodness. My dad hired me to take pictures for a condo project he is involved in. He wanted me to take shots at what is going to be the third, forth, and fifth floors from a lift so that people can get an idea of the view from their balconies. Um, okay! […]

On a roll

Still working on my wedding scrapbook. I’m trying to use things I have, so I’m making it in one of those Scrapworks albums that have different pages in them. I need to get more 12×12 pages for it though, I’ll have to search for some. I thought I had like a ton of empty albums, […]