Tulips and Closets

I know, bad blogger. On Thursday Michele, V and I gave the tulip fields another try. Cuteness all around. V learned to say my name!!! Well sort of, she calls me "Ambi" right now. It’s super cute. When I left she was whining, "Ambi, Ambi!"And then she made that kissy face so I would come […]

The Yarn Harlot!

The Yarn Harlot came to Portland! So my neighbor Tracy and I had to drive up there to see her. She didn’t disappoint, it was so fun, and funny! Afterwards I waited to have her sign her new book, and give her a ribbon jar. While listening to her of course everyone was knitting. I […]

More scrappy goodness

Yesterday I got to do some more scrapbooking and I whipped out nine layouts. I am seriously on a roll here! I love having all my pictures printed! I also took the time to try a couple of techniques I’d been wanting to. Please forgive the spotty picture taking. I’m not at home, I’m watching […]