Woodland Fairy

At the last minute I decided she couldn't NOT dress up. And since I inherited my mother's allergy to store bought costumes Tutu hung out with papa while I whipped up some wings and a crown for my little princess. Details and more pictures tomorrow.

Dreaming and Ditching

I'm still dreaming about a new creative space   Doesn't that look so full of promise? Meanwhile I'm trying to sort through more things to give myself more space with my set up now and found these two on my shelf:   They are Autumn Leaves calendars that I had bound, 2005 (I think) and […]

Yoga Pants

I finally made a pair of pants from Amanda's wonderful book. This project was so dead easy I wish I would have tried it before.    What finally spurred me on was a new pile of clothes headed to the Goodwill. I promised myself I wouldn't take anything out of there to repurpose until I […]

Simple Patchwork

I finished the simple patchwork quilt I started at the end of September. It's a testament to how quickly time passes that I thought I had just started this a few weeks ago, imagine my surprise when I went to look up the link!    I am so happy with it! It worked out to […]