What a clever title, no? I did get back from Vermont a week ago, yes. But then my lovely husband had a stay-cation (isn't that what they're calling it these days?), and not surprisingly the rest of the week flew by. Speaking of flying lets go back to that adventure, shall we? I left off […]

Safe and Sound

We arrived at Ceara and Grant’s safe and sound. I did almost miss our second flight because of my need for food. There was running involved. Let me just say there really are still some super mice people out there (oh laughing… Nice, Nice people). So thank you to every person who helped me today, […]


  Ah sweet Tuesday. She is feeling so much better. The little stomach thing set us back slightly, if only because today she wanted to nurse like a crazy maniac to make up for it. Here you see her in the middle of a 2.5 hour nurse/nap/nurse/nap session that did not leave my lap. However […]