Be a Joiner

Yesterday Sciarrino and I drove up to the first meeting of the Portland chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild. I didn’t really know what to expect, having never been in a guild of any kind before. I was hoping that I would meet some like minded fabric lovers, and guess what I did!  We did […]

Teaselwick Wools

I could also title this post My Friend and Next Door Neighbor Opened a YARN SHOP and I am The Luckiest Girl in The World, but I'm never really sure what letters to capitalize with a long title like that. So yes, my neighbor Tracy (who is also my friend but I have another friend […]


Oh man, Bj is the worst at telling me when something goes wrong. THE WORST. I love him but, well take a look at a conversation that we had earlier today: phone call from Bj a half hour before he is supposed to catch a flight home (he flies to Seattle to go to meetings […]