Spider Web Skirt

Last year two of the Jo-Ann’s in town closed so they could make one mega Jo-Ann’s. For some reason when they open a new store they don’t use any inventory from old stores, so everything was on sale. It took me a while to realize this was happening and I didn’t get many awesome deals. […]

Three Months

Oh I’m just a cute little baby… LA LA LA I like to talk! I’m such a happy girl. HI INTERNET!!! These are actually 3 months + 1 day, because 3 months ended like this: Beware the big sister monster! (side note: We are having issues with our heaters upstairs – thousands of ants invaded […]

Other people sewing for my kids

It’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge this week and even though I have managed to sew for an hour every day I don’t have one finished thing to show for it! My mom however has been kicking butt. She made Bennet these upcycled pants from an old sweater. I lanolized them and am using them as […]

We’ve been…

Starting our SECOND year of dance. Second? Yes! In the “big girl” class (4-5 year olds) she loves it! Taking over Ribbon Jar for my mom while she was on vacation. Did you see the new look? Awesome! I’m so excited for my mom! I’m so glad it’s not me running it. Bennet HATED being […]