Three Months

Oh I’m just a cute little baby…

LA LA LA I like to talk!

I’m such a happy girl.


These are actually 3 months + 1 day, because 3 months ended like this:

Beware the big sister monster!

(side note: We are having issues with our heaters upstairs – thousands of ants invaded the outdoor component, YUCK – and the guy had to climb over piles of stuff all over our rooms, it’s chaos!)

3 months + 1 day they got along better. Though I’m not so happy that Tuesday told Bennet about all her no napping tricks. 30 minute naps are not my favorite. Oh and I’d take a bedtime before midnight. Or maybe more than three hours of sleep at a time. Le sigh. But it goes by so fast I shouldn’t complain at all. Let’s just hope I don’t fall asleep while bouncing Bennet on the exercise ball one night…. a real possibility.

(one month, two months)

9 Replies to “Three Months”

  1. so sweet! 🙂
    she looks a bit like tuesday in the first b&w…sorry to hear about the sleeping. but really, what did you expect. 😉 😉 you are so awesome your babies never want to be away from you…even for sleep!

  2. I was wondering what was up–sounds chaotic!

    I keep telling myself that this too will end, and then I’ll be sad 🙁 So for now I will try to make the most of what little sleep I’m given. LOL

    Bennet is the most adorable little cutie ever!

  3. 3 months already?!?! Ack!
    p.s. She’s ADORABLE!!!

  4. Oh my goodness is Bennet cute…those are amazing photos!

  5. Oh, that smile. Oh, those eyes! What a lucky mama you are.

  6. Oh, she is such a sweet baby girl! And yes, it goes by so quickly. Just enjoy this time (and I know you do) because you are such good mama!

  7. Bennet is just totally adorable! Been wanting to say hello at the meetings, but it’s always a bit too hectic. Maybe next time 🙂

  8. she is ADORABLE. and so happy! love that last photo of her and tuesday, too!

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