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When Ceara was here for Christmas (yay!!!!) I was able to shoot her family. I know there are people I talk about over and over on the blog that you really don’t know, and Ceara is one of them. Ceara and I grew up together and really became close in middle school when she befriended […]

And… begin!

Hello! Miss me? Because I certainly missed blogging. I have been so focused on this; my new site. Things like this are always more work than they look to be, at least I think so. I figured branding, new site, business cards, PDFs, care guides, contracts, piece of cake! Well the jokes on me. I’ve […]

Scrapbooking and Shooting

Oh my those were some good family days. I love that most about the holidays, being together. My lovely friend was visiting from Vermont and I squeezed in a photo shoot for her on Christmas Eve morning. It was so dark and cloudy and yuck. But some creative furniture re-arranging and popping outside for a […]

Family Shoot on the Farm — Salem Oregon Child and Family Photographer

I squeezed in one more photo shoot a few cold weekends ago to capture my friend Karen and her twin 18 month old girls. It was so so cold, and the ground was very wet. But we lucked out and had clear skies. This is Karen’s husband; it’s his family’s farm. Love this one… the […]