Pointless Driving…

SUCKS!Today I drove to Salem for a dentist appointment, got up early, got all cute and was ten minuets early! Yeah! I was like, "hey, I’m here for my appointment, blah, blah, blah." And the lady is all, "your appointment was at 8:40 and you missed it." I knew I did not make an appointment […]

Lumines Addict

I have always loved Tetris, pretty much the only video game I can understand. But this new puzzle game for the PSP, Lumines is just so addictive. I can’t seem to get past level 39, but I’ll keep you posted. The only thing I am worried about is that there is no "end" to the […]


Baby clothes are just the cutest little things ever!  I love the soft baby only type clothes, but I also love these mini human clothes. That little outfit is for a friend who is due in less then a month. I just love this shirt. It so looks like something Bj would wear, but so […]