Picture Re-Cap

Okay have to make this quick:Decided on green for the fireplace too, and I love it. Love the flowers from the Leks, so cool, thanks guys! And now we’re off and I won’t see you for nearly two weeks. Bj and I have both agreed not to take computers or work phones or anything. So […]

Amber’s Secret Project

Okay people are you ready for some serious bathroom cuteness? First let’s take a look back at the nastiness that once was: I had the soap dish and took the small mirror from my mom’s. The bigger mirror from the first pic was something I already had too, it was over the fireplace at my […]

In the Know

Hey my lovely readers, sorry I’ve been deserting you of late. I’ve been working the Ribbon Jar like crazy. October jars are up, as are many others. I’m getting ready to send out a newsletter, but thought you’d like to be the first to know!

How am I still smiling?

Because I got a ton of stuff done this weekend, though I’m a bit wiped out. I think this picture might be a little bit more realistic:If I post all these kind of pictures on the internet willingly no one can black mail me with anything right? Ya, I had that little leaf on my […]

Warming Up

I just took this to Kinko’s to print up. I hope they turn out alright. They are postcards, and the back has all the info.What info? Well I’m going to attempt to have a house warming party next week. I mean, everything might not get done, but oh well because most of it is. And […]