All Nighter

When is the last time I pulled an all nighter? I’m sure it was college, but I can’t remember when exactly. But since I just got out the the newsletter and it’s a half an hour until I have to be baby-sitting, I think I’m going to just stay up. It should be interesting with […]

Holiday Cheer!

Per Amber’s request, more of my holiday decorating. Sciarrino and I had a fun night a few nights ago shopping K Mart and Target for decorations (that was after 2 hours of working out, when was the last time I’ve worked out two hours in a row, I have no idea, but I was whipped). […]

I heart Stacy

Thank you to all of those who commented and e-mailed to tell my that my humble little shop, The Ribbon Jar was featured on Stacy’s blog today as part of her 12 Days of Christmas. I think I read Nancy’s comment first, and I was all, hmm, wonder how things are going down in Ribbon […]