So I was walking up to my car after lunch on Saturday on the phone with Matt when Bj says, "someone broke into your car." Sure enough: I was freaking pissed! I mean hello! I had nothing of value in there, NOTHING! I keep my car "showroom clean" just like they tell you to. So […]

Details, details

A few more details. The whole reason I called this post High Strung was because that’s the name of the paint on the floor. I was at Sherman Williams with my mom and found a paint chip almost exactly the color of my Franklin planner, I knew that was THE color! The fabric for the […]

Lunch, Amber Style

First gather your ingredients: Roth’s outdoor roll, Tillamook cheddar cheese, tuna fish, diet coke and pizza pan (thanks grandma for the pan!) Put into oven (on broil): The pizza sheet makes the bread crispy on the bottom too. Put the sandwich in before the oven heats up all the way, otherwise burning will happen. Take […]

Happy Snowy Morning!

It’s full on snowing here, and I love it! Until ten this morning not a car had been down my street. Ah to live on a street with such homebodies, it’s great! It’s been so freaking cold, barely getting above freezing for days, with out so much as a flake, so this is much nicer. […]