Life is Like

I love them. I was trying to use up paint I have and make them really easy to clean so the risers are painted with exterior paint. They got kicked up by a repair guy so I got to test out the whole cleaning them thing, and it was super easy. The tread is also […]

Happy Thoughts

-I painted my toenails. First time since the wedding.-The stairs are almost done. I splurged on a new brush to do the touch ups.-A midnight bike ride to Sciarrino’s. -A super clean house, like seriously as clean as it’s ever been.-My bathroom is so clean, I could like lick every surface. Yes it’s in the […]

Outside In

The little cottage that could. Remember when I first got this thing. And then after I hacked away at the front? Well it pretty much stayed in that state for the last couple of months with stumps and weeds doing their things in the front of the house. The lawn was all crazy from where […]

Piano Keys

Well it’s a little bit of progress. Painting the stairs is taking a bit more time than I thought it would. Bj came home from work and said, "Oh maybe you should paint the other ones white and it could be like piano keys." That is not the look I’m going for however. Oh and […]

Spick and Span

Is it wrong to be in love with my own ingeniousness? Okay well this idea isn’t mine, but hey I remembered it! I think it was in a Real Simple magazine a few years ago, or something like that. Totally easy. I’ve been wanting to do this in the stairwell since I moved in, but […]