A quick post to say that the day started out well: (Silly girl taken with the iPhone) and got better from there: (another iPhone pic, that in low light and black and white looks sort of artsy and fun I think). Tuesday and I got a mega nap in – over two hours, her record […]


Today was much more mellow than the last few, but some how it went by in a flash (so sorry I didn't call you Mary!). I had a dentist appointment and while the hygienist was very kind I could have just used that time to nap, since Tuesday didn't take one until well after four. […]


So I asked my mom what she wanted to do for her birthday today and she said, "walk downtown and have lunch." Whoa, two mega walks in a row. We did it though and it was really nice to get out since the weather is getting better everyday. I would have gone in the pouring […]


Bj didn't get the number thing so I thought I'd clarify. I'm trying to do a month's worth of posts (30) everyday. Maybe I'll get to fifty, who knows. I like not having to come up with a title. Last night was rough again. And today didn't start out much better. It's bad when she […]


Father's Day! Oh my goodness is that crazy or what? I have to say it was only in my wildest dreams when I first met Bj that I thought we'd be celebrating a wonderful day like today. It's cliche to say, but Bj really is a fabulous father. He is being so great right now […]