Seven Months

Oh goodness here we go…

It is so dark here, so so dark. Lots of people are getting bright white snow, while we get lots of dark clouds and rain! I waited a few days but this was the best I could get!

In my face, up close, and personal. She’s so quick!

Why is your hand there mama? Are you scared I might go over the edge of the bed? (oh hey, I just realized this cup has a seven on it…. I mean I totally did that on purpose!)

Is there something over there, maybe I should find out…
Man can this girl move. I tell people that she is seven months and they say, “seven months?!?” Ya, she’s super tiny (almost 13 lbs) and cruising all over the place. Up on furniture in a flash, starting to crawl up steps, it’s crazy town! We had playdates with other babies and she was all up in their face, grabbed all their toys and then scooted away. Little meanie.

She’s keeps doing great with the potty. I have to be honest when she goes in her diaper I would say 80% of the time I knew it was going to happen and for some reason I couldn’t get to her in time (with Tuesday, in the car, didn’t get to her as soon as she woke up, etc.). My friend came over with some cute homemade trainers so I thought I’d try to make some real quick… more on that later. Basically EC rocks and I have a whole post planned about it (in my head of course).
Other Bennet news:
she screams, like she has a happy squeal and then an I’m mad (or I want to be louder than you Tuesday) scream.
she also has more noises that sound like she’s trying to talk
hold her upside down and she laughs and laughs
still spitting up, not as bad
no solids yet, I don’t think she’s quite ready yet
no teeth, and we have a long flight coming up, so I’d guess they come through that day and make it a real interesting time for everyone on the plane
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