Nine Months

9 months in, 9 months out, it always seems like such a big milestone.

Another big milestone? Teeth! Look what popped through! And we are all much happier for it!

Who am I kidding? She’s pretty much always happy all the time.

At about 8.5 months we started her on solids. So far avocado, green bean, broccoli, applesauce, banana, carrot, and of course beet. All made by me and Bj. Easy, what ever we’re eating blended (Blendtec for the win. Fine you were right Bj, there I said it.). She likes it all A LOT. If that could be double caps I’d do it because she is a fan of the food. I was giving her solids with dinner, but I switched it to morning because it takes her a long time to process it. And she eats so so much I feel like she was getting too stuffed full before bed.

She started doing this adorable, “ba, ba, ba” thing. We can’t get enough. Bj, Tuesday and I spend half the time she’s awake saying ba, ba or other b words in the hopes she starts back up again. She’s napping most days, sometimes twice. She’s sleeping ok. It’s not great, it’s not terrible. I can’t move her into the girls’ room because Tuesday will wake her up at night. You read that right. We realized on a night away last week when we all spent the night in the same room together that Tuesday is a LOUD sleeper. She woke Bennet up with her dreaming mumbling speech. So not sure what to do about that… for now the crib is in the corner of our room and we don’t hang out in there a lot. I miss reading in bed.
I don’t know her stats, we go in tomorrow. I’m guessing based on the two similarly aged babies we played with today that she’s a 1%er. I’ll come back and update this part.
Basically we’re totally in love with her. But we’re tired and I’m selling the baby stuff. So as soon as she grows out of/stops using stuff I want it gone, gone, gone. Apparently sleep outweighs my desire for more children 🙂
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  1. Oh Bennet! So sweet. She does look like such a happy baby.
    I hear you on the sleep thing. Annalise is still in our room 1/2 the night because she wakes up around 2-4am and won’t go back to sleep without screaming and crying. And we don’t want her to wake Clara up, so she heads into our room for cuddles and hopefully more sleep.

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