Cute kids cure anything

It’s true, when you pick up two cute little kiddos from daycare, and one of them is still sleepy and lays her cute little head on your shoulder everything just feels better. Plus it’s just plain fun to run around like you’re five. A little dark, but I can’t find any software on this PC […]

The Optimist

Even though I might be going slightly crazy:Yeah, 2,812.40 dollars later. You do realize I only had one side done right? Now I really want to roll the side yard flat and put gravel and flowers and trees in planters there, but it will have to wait. Even Franklin looks pissed. I told the fence […]

Shit hits the fan

I wish I could say I have better news, but unfortunately that is NOT the case. Yesterday when I was down in the basement obsessing over all the cracks in the floor I noticed that one of the beams under the stairs had newer looking termite damage. I called my mom down to look at […]