I call it yummy

I am having so much fun spinning right now. It is the perfect wintry craft activity. Easy to talk to people, not necessary to really focus on what you’re doing, and so instantly rewarding. And now that I figured out how to not over twist my yarn I don’t have to wash and set the […]

Anal Amber

So I have this problem with wedding registries, many of them bug the crap out of me. Either everything is a) not my taste (obviously this is my problem) or b) ridiculously huge. So when Bj and I set about registering I wanted to make sure that we only put things on the lists that […]

2 good ideas

1. Perfect re-heating with an old crock pot lid (1.99 goodwill) as told to me by a fellow thrifter: 2. Wash all fabric as you acquire so that you are ready to go for any and all projects: My Hawaiian stash all clean and ready for projects. This worked out way better than last time.


Leave it to some nice snowy weather to get me crafting. I worked last night on my living room curtains (they have been just pieces of fabric nailed up for over a month now) while waiting for Brent and Emilie to come home. They went with my dad and step mom to Cali for Thanksgiving, […]