Eleven Months

I love that I do these updates, even though I should certainly be getting more sleep (groan only 5.5 hours yesterday broken up into three unsatisfying bits).

I like to do it because I am glad to have this time to focus on sweet Ben. She really does get less pictures take of her, the second child syndrome I was sure would “not happen with my child.” Ha.

There are so many things I like about being a parent. And one thing I really hate, the lack of sleep. But I like to tell myself that I can always use this specialized training if ever I am held hostage and some kind of sleep deprivation is used on me. But I guess I’m just an optimist like that.
I like that having kids has made me more patient. I like that it makes me see the world a different way. I like that I can clearly see how different people can be… right from the minute they are born. See little Bennet, Miss 3% on the scales? That doesn’t stop her from figuring out how to get off my (not so close to the ground) bed. I really thing she may be the kind that does not see obstacles, but just challenges (she may also be the kind of child who gives her mother a heart attack). Today she was so close to walking. I thought she would do it while Bj was at work, so I’ve tried slowing her progress a bit, it would be lovely for him to see it first. I’m planing a baby obstacle course for this weekend so we can get her to do it when we’re all paying attention.

I read back over last month’s post and it’s funny that I was even worried about food at all. She had just started eating last month, and already she is saying no thanks to my lovingly prepared baby food (by spraying it all over herself and me). She would rather have what we’re having so I’ve obliged her. Can babies have fish and eggs? I keep meaning to look this up. I very much hope that we are rounding the corner on her food issues, this mama is DYING FOR YOGURT. Oh the fresh berries in the yard. I want a parfait like you would not believe. I have I really not had (even the tiniest trace amount of) dairy in 8 months?!?! That doesn’t even seem possible. I didn’t think I had that kind of will power, but that darling face certainly does make it easier. I am glad I can have soy, and thus, gum again though.
Enough about me. What else about Bennet? She has started the great baby language that I LOVE. She talks in it constantly and it reminded me that I needed to step up my sign language game so she can communicate with me more successfully. I signed to Tuesday all the time (I grew up learning to sign), and she had quite the large amount of signs by two, though she knows very few now. We watched a little baby signing time clip and Bennet thought it was great. I think she’d probably thing any screen thing was great, but I don’t intend to test that theory.
She is super expressive and has a great, “you have got to be kidding me” look. I need to get that one down. Tuesday and her still love each other, though she is going for more of Tuesday’s “set ups” which is unfortunate. I’ve already pulled a Playmobil flip flop from her mouth. We have dog gates around said set-ups now.
She wears trainers most of the time at home. I do realize that the only reason she really needs anything is because of me. It is just so much work to take her potty all the time that I fall back on trainers. By so much work, I mean, it interrupts what I want to do. So then I feel selfish and guilty. She really doesn’t seem to care and I rarely have to deal with poop so I’m going to give myself a break…. well I’ll try. I did take her to the grocery store in a trainer and was glad that she didn’t pee on me.
My love affair with my children continues. I just feel so lucky. My mom had a birthday and we hosted. Bj made fish tacos. Bill asked us what we thought we would be doing on our 55th birthdays. Hmm. More of this I think. Family, friends… grandchildren? Well, hopefully someday. After all babies are so wonderful.
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  1. She is such a doll! And the developing personalities that babies leap into at this age–I LOVE it 🙂
    I commend you on your no-dairy thing– 3/4ths of a year–that is fantastic 🙂 I hope you can get some soon!
    There was something about eggs where you were “supposed” to wait until a year but we did not. Fish I think is fine whenever!

  2. I forgot about the eggs – I gave Charlotte her first egg at eleven months and she broke out in hives and again at twelve months – hives again. We gave her Children’s Benadryl both times and that seemed to take care of it. She tolerates eggs in food and always has. We tried eggs with her again when she turned four and no reaction, but she did get a tummy ache from them and I think it was because I cooked them in coconut oil and it was too greasy for her. She also has a nut allergy which I really hope she outgrows. So yes, you could totally give it a try – just have Benadryl on hand!

  3. I love how she’s developing her personality. Can’t wait till her birthday! Miss the girls so much!

  4. I see a little bit of Tuesday in that last picture! She is getting so much bigger. It is hard to believe she will be one soon! BTW I thought it was impossible for her to get cuter, but somehow she keeps doing it!

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