That’s hot

It came early. Our tankless water heater was installed yesterday. The control panel is still not installed, but it is set automatically on 110 which is fine with me. I had my first shower with it this morning and it was hard to get out. The water temperature never changed one bit. Oh and please […]

All I have to say is

Ahhhh I feel so much better. I even waited yesterday to post about the fiasco hours after it happened and I was still so upset (as you might have read). This morning I had a talk with my builder and he was very apologetic and just wanted to make it right. I did end up […]

What finally broke me

Sometimes it's the little things and this afternoon I finally got the straw that broke my back. I had been down in the basement working when the guys came to clean up (at 3:30, not a long enough work day if you ask me). I had gotten one of them to put a second coat on […]