Man was last night rough. But lucky for me I have Bj, otherwise I'm sure I would have propped Tuesday in front of the television right now with a TV dinner and said, "Fend for yourself." Okay maybe not, but I was very tired after multiple night wakings. Bj was lovely and got her early […]


The bumper is still not done, in large part due to the negative amount of sleep I got last night. I say negative because the sleep I did get was so horrible (and on the floor of the nursery), that I just don't think it should count. But lets go back in time shall we?  […]


Ah sweet sleeping baby bliss. Bj and I were so tired after a day in the sun that we all laid on the floor as a family and helped Tuesday settle down into night night time. So a quick post and then bed for me as well. Today we went to the Lavender Festival. Our […]