Breakfast Pie

When I started freezer cooking with my friend Kathy the first thing I suggested was a breakfast pie that my mom makes. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s always a hit. It really does great in the freezer (I used anchor storage/cooking dishes. You can buy individual ones at the Container Store, disposable aluminum trays […]

Saved by the Bucket

So Tuesday loves her little sister. But sometimes she LOVES her little sister. The, “Don’t squeeze quite that hard!” variety. And I’m a wee bit nervous about having Tuesday roaming around free while Bennet is sleeping. She started loving the shower (finally) and will happily play in there with me, perfect solution! Well I started […]


Oh how I have loved Tuesday’s curls. They were such a wonderful surprise from two straight haired parents! But had become a source or tears for poor Tuesday. She told me she wanted her hair SHORT. I did not really want her hair that short, and I really thought she didn’t know what she meant. […]