My friend Sarah and I had a wonderful sewing day a few months ago. We each donated lots of scraps to a few paper bags and went to work pulling out random scraps and making wonky log cabin blocks. This is a method I’ve heard as the Denyse Schmidt method. I’ve never gotten to take one of her classes, but she describes this method in various interviews. I’m not sure if we did exactly what she would do but we did have fun pulling random bits and sewing them together. These two quilts are for sale.

This is my first with absolute random pulls. Making myself use each bit. I sashed it all in an older Cotton and Steel print. for the quilting I did big loops. I’m going to be honest, it’s not my favorite quilt. It was hard to let go this much! Measures 39 x 36″ $125

This second one I like much better. I still did it pretty randomly, but if I really didn’t like something I would pull again. I feel like I was better able to balance the values this way. I also think the sashing I chose sets the blocks off much better. And to me the backing and binding are just right for it. 41 x 52″ $150

If you haven’t tried this method yet I highly recommend it. Even if you just do a few blocks it really gets the creative juices flowing! method

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I recently realized that I had a LOT of unfinished quilt tops. I decided to do something about it and in a little over a week I basted, quilted and bound nine of them! Since I’m not going to keep them all I thought it would be a good time to resurrect this blog and make notes on them here.

Trailer Log Cabin 45″ x 45″

This quilt I think I am going to keep, at least for a bit. It’s special to me because I started piecing the top over a long weekend in our trailer. The girls and I were alone in it during a few rainy days while my husband took the car, leaving us at the campground. It was such a cozy fun time. I only brought a basket of scraps with me, including a large remanent of a Carolyn Friedlander print I love that ended up being the center of each block. After the orange criss cross I chose colors I had on hand and slowly added to the quarter log cabins. Once home I got them up on the design wall I decided not to square up the centers.

I used a walking foot with my Juki to quilt this (which was easy with low loft 100% cotton batting). I machine stitched on the binding. I’m doing this for almost all my quilts now. I’ve gotten better at it and it is so much fast. A good thing when you’re finishing nine quilts! This one is going to live on the big reading chair in our bedroom for now.

Oh my goodness my blog is dying one of those slow blog deaths, oops. I still want to put some projects on here though, for myself to remember. It’s actually what I use my blog for the most, to check out when or how I did an archived project. Remeber the wedding quilt I made my friends? Well they had a baby and I made her a quilt!


My friend Rachel made a quilt similar and walked me through the top. The back was so fun because I found this awesome panel when I was in Japan this summer. I love how it turned out. Of course I waited until the last minute to finish the quilt so these pictures are from before I put the binding on (which I knew would happen after the sun went down!).

Bennet wanted to jump in (haha) the picture. And oh hey we added a whole new section to the yard. Maybe I’ll share that soon… 🙂

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I haven’t done a garden update since fall of 2014, I owe a lot of that neglect to our awesome trailer. Last year we just wanted to go, go, go! This year I came at the yard with a big deficit since I didn’t do enough weeding, and no mulching. This ment so much of my garden was being taken over by weeds! I also knew I needed to move a few bigger plants last year and didn’t do it. This year I have to or things are going to get too crazy and crowded. I managed to snap some photos of my front yard last night as the first rain in days blew in and started sprinkling. After a few weeks worth of work it is looking much better.

garden early april-18 copy

garden early april-1garden early april-2garden early april-3garden early april-4garden early april-5garden early april-6garden early april-7garden early april-8garden early april-9garden early april-10garden early april-11garden early april-12garden early april-13garden early april-14garden early april-15garden early april-16garden early april-17garden early april-19

I love that my Princess Irene tulips are finally taking a foothold in my garden. I love them.

I’m addicted to making plant markers! I have had no success with the many, MANY other kinds I’ve tried. Our combination of rain, rain, rain, plus sun in the summer makes any kind of marker just fade away. I knew imprinting into metal was the only way. I ordered this inexpensive set of metal punches, along with block steel (important, it makes it work so much easier), and used a sledge hammer (the little jewelry hammer I got did nothing). You have to use cheap or silver plated flatware. Let me know if you want more info on them and I’ll throw up a tutorial. If I have multiple plants of the same variety I have been doing one in the common name and one in the scientific name, as I’m trying to learn more of those.

Tuesday has moved her fairy garden to the front right when you walk in. She has more plans for it.

Right in front of the porch I moved a neighbor’s hydrangea. Last year this place was a riot of color as I grew flowers for a friend’s wedding, but the rest of the year bare, bare, bare. I’m going to move two more hydrangeas from the back and got a few other plants to tuck in there. Plus I think I’m goign to grow sunchokes, as Bj wants to cook with them, and they would complement the sunflowers I always grow here. Maybe in a pot…. they do scare me a little (they spread).

I’ve added some early spring color in the form of perennials to the my front garden; while it is a riot of color later in the summer right now it’s quite plain. I’m especially taken with the checkered lily, they look pixelated! These, along with a few other new things I’m working on getting into the backyard, are from an awesome nursery called Wild Ginger. It’s very out of the way, but oh so worth the drive if you’re anywhere in the valley! The woman there walked me through the hoop houses and helped me with some problem areas I have in the backyard (like my shady swamp by the play area).

The area to the left of my porch is waiting for a special delivery, a bareroot apricot tree! I am so excited about the tiny little dwarf I ordered. It’s actually on micro dwarf rootstock so it should stay really tiny, be protected in that area, get lots of sun and give me lots of apricots, which I LOVE. Yum, yum, yum. Also spring blooms right in front of my picture window, yes please!

The area around my vine maple I took everything out of. I had been scared to divid my lady’s mantle and as a result it got woody and took over. I divided it, shared some with friends, and put a little back in the bed, along with a few other plants. I may add some poppys for a splash of later summer color, we’ll see.

My dogwood is blooming now and it makes me so happy. It is such a beautiful flowering tree. I really, really wish I had room in my yard for a lilac, I see them around town and love the deep purple plum color so much, and the smell! But the dogwood has such a pretty shape and stays so small, I’m glad I went with it.

The girls came in with me and helped me start some seeds. Tuesday had some parlsey from Burgerville she reallly wanted to start. I love that they give seeds as the prize. She did spinach a couple years ago and they turned out great. I also started a few flowers and some herbs. I’m contemplating a light and heat mat set up (this and this). I don’t know where we would set it up though! I do like the idea of starting plants for myself, and everyone I know.

How does your garden grow this year?

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    This year I will try to grow something and not kill it. That’s my goal. And also keep it away from Dexter, who knows to wait for tomatoes to turn red before he pulls the whole plant out to get at them. Sigh. Gotta love labs.

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I remembered that my favorite thing to do is just post photos about the projects I’ve been working and writing a few words about them. So here is what I’ve been working on. A little Etsy shop with clothes for American Girl Dolls (or other 18″ dolls like Our Generation from Target). In conjunction (and because I’ve been having way too much fun with my doll collection) I made an instagram account for said sewing and adventures, you can find it here.

58-358-4first batch-2hair things-2second batch-7second batch-10second batch-15wrist and hair-5second batch-20

It turns out it is really, REALLY fun to sew this small (if somewhat a bit tricky at times). Also super fun to pose the dolls (and very hard to get them to look like they are moving!). Is this a profitable business venture? Let’s just say 18 inch dolls and shoes are not free, no matter how many clothes you can sew them. My seven year old remains very attached to Tootsie and is saving up for another baby doll, so for now I’m the only one playing with them much. Though Tuesday and I do enjoy planning outfits to make for her friends. And she loves making miniture versions of things like Cold Stone Creamery (yes we made that one).

So check out my store if you or a smaller person in your life needs some trendy new clothes for a loved doll. And I’d love to see pictures on instagram!

P.S. This blog just turned 11, how crazy is that?

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