I’m so in love with this colorway from Southern Cross Fibre. I used to belong to a few fiber clubs and it put me over the edge into crazy stash land. I love the idea of getting wonderful fiber mailed every month, but I couldn’t keep up and jewels like this just got lost in […]

Sunset Spin

I have had this fiber on the bobbins for so long! I found a picture of the fiber (at least I think this is it!) from September of 2009, but no pictures of me spinning it up. Luckily I was obsessed with keeping track of my stash in Ravelry at this time so I know […]

I call it optimism

So things are a little crazy around here. Husband with staples in head, daughter with the croup (it's getting better thanks for the well wishes), and now me with a sore throat, stuffy nose, cough… dare I say it? A cold! All this has not stopped me from working on ordering supplies for lots of […]