I chose to sew

So on national scrapbook day I didn’t actually scrapbook. I’ve got a pretty serious tea party coming up and am currently consumed with making Tuesday the cutest dress up skirt ever, so fun. I do have a scrapbook related thing to share. I finally set about to organize my mists. I actually did this a […]

Sewing on layouts

I know, it’s all about scrapbooking this week. Since I had all my supplies out from being toted to Portland I just kept on scrapping. I won’t be scrapping tonight though because it’s my 4th anniversary! Can’t believe how time flies. Just look at this munchkin. This one wasn’t coming together as a 12×12 so […]

Mist making

Oh I feel so smart. I figured out how to make my own mist, which is just ink after all. Obviously I’m not the first one to figure this out, since Ranger makes these great little mister things (they come empty), but still I felt quite smart. And less guilty because I have all this […]