The biggest giveaway

Okay so I wanted to do something awesome for all you wonderful readers! Thank you so much for coming over to my newly designed blog at this new address (and for updating your links)! I am so excited about this new adventure, as I’m sure you can tell 🙂 So what am I giving away? […]

Your guess on pronunciation in the comments section

When Ceara was here for Christmas (yay!!!!) I was able to shoot her family. I know there are people I talk about over and over on the blog that you really don’t know, and Ceara is one of them. Ceara and I grew up together and really became close in middle school when she befriended […]

What can an (almost) two year old get out of Disneyland?

So we took Tuesday to Disneyland for her second birthday…. Yes, yes, we took an almost two year old to the “greatest place on earth.” Now I know right up front that not everyone is a huge Disney fan, that’s totally fine because honestly I’m not that into Disney myself. Tuesday doesn’t watch any TV […]